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Known as the 'modern, innovative cymbal maker with traditional roots,' SABIAN combines expertise and craftsmanship with creative vision, to design award-winning cymbals that make them the choice of leading drummers and percussion greats around the world.

With one-of-a-kind ideas designed into metal, the Sabian Vault cymbals are a collection of uniquely different cymbals and sounds inspired by today’s players and the music they play.

Sabian HHX series cymbals are a fusion of old ideas pounded into a shape with an innovative 'Tone Projection' design, that projects a line of 14 types of cymbals with a new look, families of tonal cousins shooting a dark tone through all volumes that make sense to the ear and the eye.

With its innovative 'Dynamic Focus' design, Sabian AAX series cymbals consistently delivers pure, shimmering Modern Bright sounds at all volumes, making it an ideal choice for studio or stage.

Hand hammered to create the ultimate vintage dark tone; the Sabian HH series cymbals have a highly personalized dark tone.

A choice for all styles, the versatile Sabian AA series cymbals are a combination of explosive energy and bright tone, the very same classic sound that defined the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Crisp, loud, expressive and shiny, the Sabian Xs20 line is all about value, delivering great sound and high quality at low prices.

Designed in collaboration with legendary Rush drummer Neil Peart, the Sabian Paragon line delivers full, musical responses across a wide volume spectrum.

Super bright and tonally focused the Sabian APX series slices through high-volumes with a shimmering presence and attitude.

Priced just right for players getting into quality bronze cymbals with brilliant finishes, the Sabian B8 Pro series delivers bright and tonally controlled responses.

The Sabian B8 and Sabian SBr series offers quality designed bronze and tightly focused brass cymbals at a very accessible price.

SABIAN cymbals exists, because Sound Matters!

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